CyberSecurity Gaming

Using Gaming to Master CyberSecurity Skills

A hands-on workshop in building the toolkits, organizing the team, and taking action in a CyberSecurity competition


Presenter: Dr. Dan Manson, Cal Poly Pomona

When: Monday May 20th

Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm



Turning cybersecurity into a team competition sport has advantages of learning through real-

world simulations with the ability to track performance. In this workshop, you will enhance your

cybersecurity skills as Dr. Dan Manson walks through the evolution of cybersecurity competitions,

discuss real-life approaches to team-based and individual competitions, as well as tactics for defense

only vs. competitions involving offense competitions. Participants will receive cybersecurity training

on tools and practices, leading up to a live capture the flag style cybersecurity competition.