Managing your Business Associates under the new Omnibus Rules

Managing your Business Associates under the new Omnibus Rules

Helping to interpret the new Omnibus Bill and what it will mean to you


Business Associates now have to comply with every aspect of the HIPAA Security Rule, and with many aspects of the Privacy Rule. What are the responsibilities of Covered Entities under these new provisions? Do you have a Security Addendum listing specific security requirements as part of the Business Associate Agreement? How should you inform senior leadership about breach notification and what are the steps are that will need to be done? Don’t miss this exciting panel discussion with experts from Privacy, Security, and Risk Management sharing their thoughts and guidance to help you answer these questions, and more, on the new Omnibus rule.


Tom August, Director of Information Security, Sharp HealthCare

Maria Suarez, Information Security Officer, University of Southern California

Michelle Caswell, Healthcare Compliance Consultant, Sword & Shield Enterprise Security

Jennifer Papp, Privacy Officer, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS)