Summit V FAQ

ISSA Security Summit – Why am I doing this again?

Please visit ISSA-LA YouTube channel to see the videos from Summit IV

  1. Security is Way Way Cool

    • You definitely want to be a part of a community that is up to date on all the latest
      information security trends. Secure is the new cool.
  2. Impress others

    • Impress your boss and colleagues with all the new information you will learn and all the new
      contacts you will make. This is one of the best priced security conferences anywhere, and
      the speakers are absolutely top-notch. Alan Paller, our first keynote, has been named by the
      Washington Post as one of the seven people you need to know in information security.
  3. Party! (ahem… network)

    • Come join us for drinks and networking both the night before the event (registration
      required) and the evening of starting after our last keynote. This is your opportunity to meet
      your newest vendor, service provider, employee or employer!
    • Have fun, hang out with like minded folks and take home a bunch of give-aways and raffle
  4. Education

    • Do you need CPEs? – Well, we’ve got them for for all CISSP, CISA, CPPs and similar
      organizations. (you will receive 8 CPEs upon completion of the full day).
    • Keep up-to-date on the latest technologies and solutions presented by industry-known
      thought leaders (we don’t give speaking slots to vendors)
  5. Stay out of the latest news headlines

    • The last thing I want is to have the news/blogs/tweets/FB mentions/LinkedIn posts about
      my company. I don’t want to be like:
    • –“Hackers gained “full functional control” of…”
    • –“Hacktivists have leaked names, addresses, phone numbers and email passwords of …”
    • –“Computer hackers have broken in and stolen $$$…”
    • –“China-based hackers rifled the computers of…”
  6. Have your company sponsor you

    • Offer to deliver a presentation / write-up / informal training on what you learned upon your
    • Remind management that you are an asset to the company and as such, they should be
      investing part of their budget in improving your skills for the interest of the company (and
      mainly you, of course).
    • Make a connection between the Summit, its focus / value and the company’s business goals.
  7. The speakers

    • You want to hear from some of the best security minds out there – you saw the list of
      speakers and you want in!
    • Did you know that Ira Winkler has been called a modern-day James Bond by the media?