“Let’s Talk about Tools”–Yev A

The idea behind ToolTalk is to educate fellow members. The format of ToolTalk is a 5-10 minute presentation during monthly ISSA-LA meetings on defensive and/or offensive tools used by Information Security professionals. The presentation should include a description of the tool, likes/dislikes, comparison with other similar tools, and an opinion of which is better.



January 2011 – Yev Avidon on “Truecrypt vs Bitlocker

February 2011 – Yev Avidon on “VirusTotal”

May 2011 – Yev Avidon on “Certifications

August 2011 – Brad Jorgensen on “Speak Up for Security”


February 2012 – Harry Trieu, USC on “ComboFix”

If you have a recommendation for a tool to be reviewed or would like to present a tool please email Yev Avidon at [email protected]


Disclaimer: The tool presented can not be your own product or one of your company’s.