Financial Services Security Forum

The Financial Services Security Forum

Forum Purpose: The Financial Services Security Forum is a cross-organizational, cross-functional “learning organization” committed to working together to better protect our community from bank fraud, credit card theft, identity theft and other forms of cyber crime.

Forum Members

  • Information security, treasury and risk officers at commercial financial institutions
  • Relationship managers and other-customer-centric professionals in the financial services industry
  • Law enforcement personnel engaged in financially-related cyber crime

Forum Objectives

  • Increase information sharing to better protect our community from cybercrime
  • Manifest increased collaboration between LA law enforcement and the LA financial services community
  • Strengthen relationships between law enforcement and the financial services community
  • Provide a shared-learning environment in meeting the many challenges of cybercrime
  • Work for ways to better share electronic information, both between financial institutions and between financial institutions and law enforcement
  • Collaborate — as appropriate — in Public Service Announcements and other public outreach activities

Forum Meetings: The Forum meets for breakfast, usually on the fourth Friday of each month. Meetings are open to anyone in financial services or law enforcement with an interest in Forum objectives.

Forum Speakers Bureau:

  • See our Speakers Bureau
  • If you speak on cybercrime or cybersecurity, please email us

Forum Background: Read about the Forum in the Los Angeles Business Journal.

For More Information: Please email [email protected]

Forum Resources

Customer-Facing Information [Please email us links to your financial institution’s customer-facing information]

Information from Law Enforcement [Please email us links to your organization’s information]

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