Speaker Guide

ISSA-LA Speaker Guide

Information pertaining to monthly speakers and special ISSA LA Events

ISSA Los Angeles welcomes the participation of speakers from various industries and backgrounds to deliver timely and engaging talks on information security. If you are interested in speaking at an ISSA-LA event please follow the guidelines below.


ISSA LA members are a diverse group of information security professionals, ranging from CISOs, information security analysts and engineers to consultants and CIOs. Speakers have ranged from CTOs of high-tech security companies to lawyers speaking about regulation. ISSA LA has members from Newegg (eCommerce), Countrywide (Real Estate), Aerospace Corp. (Defense), Washington Mutual (Banking), Los Angeles County and City (Gov’t), USC (Education), and numerous others. The chapter holds monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of each month.


  • All presentations should be of interest to information security professionals (this could include technical, legal, or business) dimensions
  • All presentations should last no more than 60 minutes including a brief question and answer session
  • No vendor presentations are allowed
  • Presentations that include demonstrations are preferred, however, not mandated


  • Provide a presentation title, abstract, speaker bio, and link to a previous talk by the proposed speaker to [email protected]
  • The program director will contact you after receipt of the materials
  • After you have been scheduled to speak, provide a softcopy (PDF or PowerPoint) of the presentation to the program director
  • Permission to post presentation materials on the chapter website is assumed unless specifically denied in writing

Audio/Visual Requirements

  • ISSA Speakers are provided an LCD projecter and use their own laptop
  • Other requests for Audio/Visual equipment should go to the Program Director ( [email protected])