Job Board

We moved our Job Posting Board to LinkedIn!

Posting your job on LinkedIn ISSA Los Angeles Chapter Networking Group is as easy as Starting a Discussion. Searching for a job is as easy as Following a Discussion.

Hi all!  We encourage you to leverage our LinkedIn user group and post open roles that you have with your company (both contract and full time).  Our LinkedIn user group has more than 450 members and is fast growing.  It will allow you to leverage your personal network as well as our network to spread the good word about your open roles (we do ask that you only post information security or audit related roles)

  1. Log into linked in and in the search bar, change the search to a User Group search and type in:
    ISSA LA Job posting 1Our network logo will pop up.  This is a closed group which means, if you are not already a member you would need to join (see step 2)
    ISSA LA Job posting 2
  2. If you are not a member of the user group, click on the Join button in the top right corner ISSA LA Job posting 3
    if you are a member, you will see this button ISSA LA Job posting 4
  3. Once, you are a member of the group, in the Discussions tab, click on the space next to your picture.  Enter the title of the role on the first line and all the details on the second line.  Please be sure to include the best way to apply for the role (to get the most out of the posting)
  4. ISSA LA Job posting 5
  5. Before you select to Share the job, please be sure to select the Job radio button in the Discussion Type, so it will be saved to the correct location.
  6. Your Job Discussion post will now appear in the Jobs tab under discussions.
  7. Please note, you can post a Job as opposed to a Job Discussion. Job postings are at a cost to LinkedIn, but Job Discussions free to post