From the President

 Letter from the President

Dear Fellow Information Security Professional,

On behalf of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association, I want to welcome you to our community.

Like ISSA Chapters throughout the world, the Los Angeles Chapter is committed to helping all of us become better and more effective information security professionals. Whether your responsibility consists of keeping a suite of firewalls properly configured or extends to securing information assets for a multi-billion dollar enterprise, we want you to feel at home in our Chapter. We need you to teach us what you know as we promise to help you learn what you need — all in the objective of keeping the businesses, government agencies and not-for-profits that we serve safe from the ravages of cyber crime.

The LA Chapter has a second objective as well, which we hope you will help us achieve. Twenty-five years ago, information security was something the big guys worried about. Now we all have to pay attention to information crime. Everything and everyone, from Los Angeles’ largest corporations to the prototypical family of two adults and 2.2 children.

In today’s world, everyone is at risk from cyber crime.

That’s why our Chapter launched its “Community Outreach Program” … to be the voice of information security in the Los Angeles Community.

Our objective is nothing less than providing our expertise, our guidance, and especially our wisdom to the Los Angeles management community about what it takes to stay safe in today’s dangerous internet-connected world. Our goal is to reach every IT manager, IT vendor, CIO, CFO, COO, CEO, and Board of Directors on what it takes to meet the information security challenge.

This is an enormous task and we need you to join us, helping us achieve it.

As an information security practitioner, you know that your job is made a lot more difficult by all the people out there who aren’t protecting their networks. You have talent and expertise to share. Share it and you get back all the talent and expertise of the rest of the community. Plus, by making the “matrix” safer for all, you take some of the pressure off yourself.

Please join us in helping our Los Angeles community better secure its information assets.

Richard Greenberg, CISSP
ISSA-LA President