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Cyber Security Challenges and Solutions — An Executive Briefing

ISSA-LA launched its Community Outreach Program to provide information security leadership to the Los Angeles community. Our “Executive Briefing” is part of our Education Program, designed to help businesses, not-for-profits, schools, and government agencies effectively meet the challenges of cybercrime and other threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

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The Cyber Security Challenge

Cyber thieves in the Ukraine recently stole more than $400,000 from an escrow company in Redondo Beach. Other cyber thieves broke into the website of an online retailer in Yorba Linda and stole money from the company’s customers. A Los Angeles retailer spent more than 3 months and countless thousands of dollars in an extensive FTC inquiry following the inadvertent disclosure of employee social security numbers.

Cybercrime has become big business, costing businesses and not-for-profits millions of dollars annually in theft, fraud, embezzlement and other losses. Federal and state laws — like HIPAA and more than 45 different state breach disclosure laws — are imposing an increasing management burden on organizations. Commercial security requirements — like the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard —impose their own burden, in money, time, and other resources.
Organizations can no longer ignore the reality of cybercrime. They must manage their cyber security challenge like never before.

Moreover, cyber security management must come from the top: (i) the financial exposure from cyber crime has become too large and (ii) cyber criminals now have advanced cyber weapons able to circumvent current security technologies.
Briefing Overview and Intended Audience

Intended Audience

This one-hour non-technical Executive Briefing is designed to provide organizational leaders with the critical knowledge and information they need to begin to meet their cyber security challenges. The briefing is intended for senior managers, (CEOs, Presidents, General Managers, COOs, CFOs, Managing Partners, Executive Directors, etc), Boards of Directors, and the accountants, attorneys, bankers, insurance executives, and other trusted advisors supporting them.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the business risk of cyber crime
  • Learn how your own users are letting cyber criminals onto your network
  • Become familiar with cyber security laws and legal obligations
  • Know the 12 strategic imperatives to successfully meeting the cyber security challenge
  • Understand the role of strong leadership in meeting the cybercrime challenge

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