October Lunch Meeting

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 @ Taix French

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Stealthy Social Engineering Demo
Speakers: Caesar Sedek, Brian H. Lee,Ying Yang,Avishkar Nikum,Yousef Ismail,Eric Pittman

Organizations are strengthening their cybersecurity programs and, in response, hackers are beginning to innovative ways they gain unauthorized access to corporate systems. Modern attacks that successfully breach the perimeter also usually create a persistent connection so that the hacker can come back to the compromised system at a later time. Furthermore, these attacks usually run in memory making it difficult to find, identify and analyze. The common vulnerability that continues to be exploited to gain a foothold is the human. People are often the weakest link and even an educated and “security aware”  user may be the easiest vector for a hacker to gain unauthorized access. This concept cannot be illustrated by a simple Power Point presentation. The live demonstration by PwC’s top penetration testing team will show detailed exploits that hackers can use when a user unknowingly opens a malicious email attachment and how current Anti-Virus methods do very little to prevent it. After the demo, PwC team will show commonly misconfigured security controls that could have prevented such an attack.

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The Seventh Annual Information Security Summit

Was a Tremendous Success!

Summit 7 Speaker Presentations –>click here<–

Photos and Videos Will Be Posted Soon. Stay Tuned!!

Board 2015

We hope that you were able to attend the Seventh Annual Information Security Summit—the premier Information Systems Security Event in Los Angeles. The Summit is known for its groundbreaking keynotes and speakers, and this year was no exception, with Internationally Renowned Security Technologist and Author Bruce Schneier and Dave Kennedy, founder and CEO of TrustedSec, LLC, each delivering a great Keynote,  and Speakers Marcus Ranum, Ira Winkler, Rafal Los, Dmitri Alperovitch, Aaron Turner, John Dickson, Samy Kamkar, Jim Manico, Jerry Hoff and Kevin Cardwell, amongst the line-up of featured keynotes and speakers.

This year’s Summit and training classes, which took place June 4-5, 2015 at the acclaimed Los Angeles Convention Center,  featured cutting-edge sessions, a wide variety of tracks, and more. Attendees were provided with the opportunity to engage in thought provoking discussions, heard from industry leaders, had peer-to-peer conversations and networked with some of the most interesting and influential people in the industry.


 We want to congratulate Tony Vittal for completing the Summit 7 survey and winning a MS Office 2013 Professional license!!! Thank you to thinkASG for donating the prize and supporting ISSA-LA.

 Congratulations to our Challenge Room Winners!!

  • 1st Place – Chris Holland
    • Prize: 1 Metasploit Express license; Thank you to Rapid7 for donating the license and supporting ISSA-LA
  • 2nd Place – Luis Martinez and Curt Jeppson
    • Prize: 2 Security Compass CBT voucher for their Defending Mobile class, worth $250
  • 3rd Place – – Martin Lui and Harry Wan
    • Prize: 2 Security Compass CBT voucher for their Defending Mobile class, worth $250


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